LIFE Groups

LIFE Groups

LIFE Groups at FBCU stands for Learning, Involvement, Friendship and Encouragement. As followers in Christ, these four things are essential to spiritual growth. While coming to a Sunday service is great and essential in its own way, there are so many aspects of our walk with Christ that are difficult to accomplish apart from being connected to other believers in a small group.

Here at FBCU our groups are divided up by many different ways. Some groups are based on age, some are based off gender while others are based off of passions people share. In other words, if you are looking for a LIFE Group, we have one that you will be able to call home. While all of our groups are uniquely different, one thing that is constant is a foundation on God’s Word. While we would love for you to take our word for it, listen to what some of our members are saying:

The best thing about our LIFE Group is that it is a place where we can connect, laugh, cry, pray and support each other because we were not created to do life all by ourselves.Jennings

The best thing about our LIFE Group is the Bible study and fellowship. We are studying the Bible book by book and learn a lot about the Lord and applying what we learn. It’s a great blessing – Mary

LIFE Groups allow anyone to enjoy in-depth Bible study, build friendships and participate in ministry. It’s where a large church becomes small. – James

If you are ready to find your next LIFE Group, please use the search tool below or feel free to contact our church office and we would be glad to help find the right fit.

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